Arbing is the process of simultaneously betting on ALL outcomes of an event and making a profit.

See Betfair’s explanation of an arb:

According to Betfair:

“Arbing is the process whereby a gambler takes advantage of the variation in odds offered by different bookmakers, in order to make a profit regardless of the outcome of an event.

Also known as matched betting, miraclebets, or surewins, arbing involves simultaneously betting on every outcome of an event, whilst making a calculation that the combined bets will lead to a guaranteed profit.

The key to arbing is to find two different bookmakers offering significantly different odds on an event. This could be an event with two possible outcomes (win or lose), such as tennis or basketball, or an event with three possible outcomes (win, lose, or draw), such as football.

Arbing has been dubbed “the only way to make a constant profit” in sports betting, and it has certainly proved profitable for a lot of followers of the method. That said, it requires large stakes and a great deal of patience, given that the typical return on investment is between two and five per cent, depending on the event and a number of other factors.”

Winning Strategy Guide to being profitable (long term)

Bookmakers really aren’t keep on Arbing (unsurprisingly) as they lose money. Do it too often and you’ll likely get your account restricted (limiting the amount you can bet) or closed. To get around this, we need to

  • Stick to high profile matches/horse races (i.e. premier league not Dutch 3rd Division Greyhound racing.
  • Make sure there’s enough money in the exchange before you place your back bet. You don’t want to be left with unmatched bets, as this will defeat the object. To avoid this, closely monitor the 2 bets before you place a bet, and in this instance, lay the bet first (which is counter to all Winning Strategy guides).
  • Be careful about arbing just before an event starts. Odds can fluctuate quite wildly, so try and arb to a date in the future. Say the next day or at least a couple of hours’ time.
  • Use the Oddsmatching software to find potential arbs (remember, you’re looking for ratings of at least 105 to consistently make a profit, since Betfair will take commission)
  • Check out the Arbing forum, and add any potential arbs yourself for other members.

Example of an arb

What we’re looking for is something relatively high profile and above 105.00 rating, whilst having fairly low odds so our liability isn’t ridiculous.


The below is an example of what we’re after:


If we bet £50, our liability will be £172.26, and we’ll win £2.74 regardless of the outcome. Not a huge return and we’d have tied up over £220 for a few days but there will be better examples that this one. Just don’t rely on this as a huge income provider, more a top up to be used in conjunction with the other reload offers.

Lastly, our advice is to stick to football and avoid horse racing. As fans of arb betting, and in particular sharb betting (shop arbs – taking advantage of promotional odds in store), we’ve had our profits decimated by Rule 4 (read about rule 4 here). Stick to football to avoid this sticky issue.