First point is to mention that the joining offers are the easiest money you’ll make. Finish them all before you start on reloads, where possible. Once you’ve finished them, we need to find you a consistent way of making an income each month. We therefore have to employ a number of different strategies from a number of different sources. These are:

  • Weekly bet clubs
  • Horse racing refunds
  • Accumulator offers
  • Arbing
  • Daily offers forum
  • Your email account (individual offers will be emailed you periodically)

For weekly bet clubs, horse racing refunds and accumulator offers, we’ve individual guides on how to make regular income from these. Start with the weekly bet clubs and arbing, as they’re similar to joining offers in that you’ll have to make a qualifying bet to receive a free bet. Once you’ve got the hang of these, try the horse racing refunds, which a little bit more complex but can be pretty lucrative. After that, the accumulator offers which are both time consuming and complex to begin with, but could well be the most lucrative of the lot.

Now there’s a fair bit of talk about casino offers with matched bettors. Our advise is this: steer clear of casino offers unless you’re confident you can leave the site once you’re free spins/free bonus has run its course. If you are confident, then go for it.

To summarise, use the guides provided by Winning Strategy in the Reloads section and probably more importantly, use the forum. They really are your best source for info on new bets, daily offers, and any loopholes which members spot. If you spot a decent offer, don’t forget to add it to the forum yourself!