Training module 1: Getting started

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At winning strategy, we use a calculated approach to matched betting, which we’ve developed over a number of years, to make our customers thousands of pounds in legal and tax-free cash. We don’t gamble and we don’t take risks. 

So, what exactly is matched betting? All bookies on the internet have incentives to join their website and these incentives mostly take the form of free bets. Matched betting is the process of taking advantage of these free bets and turning them into guaranteed profit.

 Let’s say a website offers a £30 free bet when you join, and make a qualifying bet of £10. To qualify for the free bet, we need to place a £10 bet on an event, say England to win, on the bookie’s website. We then place another bet on a different site (called a betting exchange) for England not to win. We call this the lay bet. We’ve now got 2 bets. The back bet on England winning. And the lay bet on England not winning (either drawing or losing). We’ve covered all of the outcomes.

If England win, we win at the bookies and lose at the exchange. And if England don’t win, we win at the exchange and lose at the bookies. The 2 bets cancel each other out, completely. We won’t win anything, but we won’t lose anything either. What we have done though, is qualified for a free £30 bet, which we can turn into risk-free cash.

In the £1000 Free tab, you’ll find every single worthwhile introductory bookie offer on the web and simple step-by-step guides on how to complete each of these the offers. There are many matched betting sites which will provide you with a great service on how to make money, but there is a problem. They all charge significant amounts of cash for the privilege, which at as much as £25 per month, can seriously eat into your profit.

At Winning Strategy, we don’t charge a penny. All we ask is you follow the guides and make as much money as possible. So what are you waiting for? Start making money today!