Top Tips For Success

  • Dedicate time to Matched Betting (and the matched betting training) every day and you’ll be hundreds of pounds up in no time. Remember, you get out of this what you put in. Make time for it, and the cash will flow. If you don’t make time, you won’t make money..
  • Open an new email account (i.e. Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo etc) when you open accounts with bookies, and keep just for matched betting. Keep an eye out for offers of free bets and bonuses from bookies in this email account. They will come pretty frequently and should help you to smash past the £1000 profit barrier in no time
  • Get the £1000 Free offers out of the way before you do any other matched betting offers (reloads). Opening offers are usually much easier.
  • Use a debit card for all your deposits. Some offers are only available using debit cards, so stick with the debit card for now.
  • If you’re planning on getting a mortgage in the next few months, open a separate bank account to your main one. Lots of what looks like gambling can be problematic, and require an explanation, if a bank scrutinises your statements.
  • Don’t spend your profit unless you have to. You’ll need some of the profits to do some really profitable, big offers such as the Bet365 offer (£200 free bet).
  • If you’re feeling anxious about doing your 1st offer, relax. Watch the video, be confident and pull the trigger. What’s the worst that can happen? Believe me, the offers get very easy very quickly and you’ll wonder what you were worried about.
  • Lastly, if you get stuck on any part of the offer, you’ve some great sources for getting the help you need.  At the top of the page, click either HELP or FORUM. The help section has our training and help guides, a glossary and links to the Forum. The Forum is a really useful place which you can use to discuss best practice, help on offers and also all the great offers available with people who are going, or have gone through, the same as you. Every tricky situation you face in Matched Betting has probably already been faced (and solved) by someone on the forum