Do I have to pay tax on my winnings? No. All winnings are 100% tax free

I’ve already opened bookmakers accounts. Can I still make money? Definitely! We believe there’s serious long term profit from taking advantage of bookies reload generosity and there are new bookies opening every week!

Do Winning Strategy charge a membership fee? No. Winning Strategy is committed to keeping the provision of matched betting training, guides and services completely free. We feel profiting from matched betting should be available to all.

Is matched betting legal? Yes, it’s 100% legal. Not only that, but it’s been widely reported on in newspapers as a genuine way to make money.

How can I guarantee I will make money? By following our guides, being patient and committing time to doing this.

How long does matched betting take? The more time you spend doing it, the more you’ll make. Each bookie offer will take less time as you get more used to the process. Eventually, you’ll be down to less than 10 minutes an offer, and since with some offers you can make more than £50, that’s not a bad hourly rate.

I live outside of the UK and Ireland. Can I still complete the £1000 Free offers? Sorry, we cannot guarantee the offers will work outside of the UK and Ireland, and also what bets are available outside of these areas.