RedBet Bet £10 Get £10 Free Bet

Open an account with RedBet using the link below and deposit £10

Step 1: Redbet are not in the Oddsmatching software so you’ll need to find a decent match between Redbet and Betfair. Avoid Tennis bets.

Step 2:  Open the Oddsmatching software page and click on the calculator symbol of any offer.

  • From the drop down box below Event Information, select Normal
  • In  Bookmaker Stake, over-type what’s in there with 10.00
  • Add the correct Back Odds (Redbet)  and Lay Odds (Betfair)
  • Lay Commission should be 5%
  • Click Calculate. In Results, ‘you could lay’ indicates how much you’ll need to place at Betfair (see below for how to do this). You’ll also see below how much you’ll win or lose from the If the Bookmaker wins etc..

Step 3: Go to Redbet and bet £10 on your chosen event and at Betfair place the amount shown in Results above

Step 4: Once your £10 free bet has been credited to your account (which should happen once your qualifying bet has being placed), you will need to place the bet within 7 days. Again, find a decent match with Min. Odds type 4.0 and in Max. Odds type 8.0.

Once you’ve chosen your match, follow the same process as Step 2, except in Event Information, select Free Bet (SNR) .

Step 5: From the Results section of the Matched Betting Calculator, go back to Redbet and place your free bet on your chosen event from Step 4 and then at Betfair place your lay bet amount as per the calculator.

Done! This offer should make you around £7 profit